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Daugiavelenės gręžimo staklės


The machines are equipped with:

  • Aluminium fence 3000 mm complete with 4 pneumatic stops
  • Height mechanical indicator-vertical drilling units G65/5T
  • Height digital indicator f/vertical drilling units with pneumatic locking
  • Separate vertical units
  • No. 4 vertical pressers positioned on the vertical units
  • No. 2 vertical pressers positioned on the vertical units
  • Selector to switch off drilling units
  • Mechanical indicator for drilling depth
  • Quick fitting chucks
  • No. 15 bit brackets
  • ‘CE’ standards
Technical Data
No. 01 horizontal head with no. 21 chucks1
No. 02 vertical heads with no. 21 chucks each2
Chucks center distance32mm
Max distance between vertical heads855mm
Min. distance between vertical heads150mm
Max thickness of the piece60mm
Max drilling depth65mm
No. 01 horizontal motor2 (1,5)hp (kw)
No. 02 vertical motors each2 (1,5)hp (kw)
Net weight800kg