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Edgebander for straight and curved pieces

Technical Data
Min/max.edge height 10/60 mm
Min/max. edge thickness in melamine,
PVC, ABS, wood
0,4-3 mm
3 roller feeding speeds 7-12-17 m/1′
Min bending radius 20 mm
No. 1 spreading roller on the edge with height 60 mm
Standard rolls supporting device 500 mm
Shears cut up to 3 m/1′
Air pressure 7/8 ATM
Driving motor power 3 (2,2) hp (kw)
Net weight 210 kg
Temperature electronic control
with digital thermometer min/max
130° / 200°
Foot-pedal control of the edge cut
Glue tank 3 kg. with heating adjustable through
electronic thermometer